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Testík - interpunkce

7. 3. 2009

1. Capital letters. Which sentence is wrong? Velká písmena.

a. We’ll see you on Wednesday.

b. I speak Spanish very badly

c. I like the weather here in the Winter

d. Paul is a very difficult person to work with.

2. Commas. Which sentence is wrong? Čárky.

a. On our trip we went to Japan, Thailand, Bali and Australia. 

b. It was no surprise, that you failed the exam.

c. My aunt Julie, who often visits us, will be here for Christmas

d. ‘I am not happy with your work’, he said.

3. Question marks. Which sentence is wrong? Otazníky.

a. I’ll ask him what time it is?

b. I wonder if he knows the answer to all the questions.

c. You broke the window again?

d. Your name is Jack?

4. Apostrophes. Which sentence is wrong? Apostrofy.

a. He doesn’t know the answer, does he?

b. She has lots of cat’s at home.

c. Joe’s sister is in the Himalayas.

d. The problem with the business is its location.

5. Quotation marks: are all of these correct? Uvozovky.

a. “You’re crazy,she said with surprise.b. Hamlet was written by ‘Shakespeare’.

c. The problem of emigration is sometimes called the ‘brain-drain.

d. The word rhythmis difficult to spell.

6. Finishing sentences: are all of these correct? Ukončení věty.

a. It was a great meal - but then I saw the bill.

b. It was a great meal, but then I saw the bill!

c. It was a great meal, but then I saw the bill…

d. It was a great meal, but then I saw the bill?