Jdi na obsah Jdi na menu

Will nebo going to?

11. 1. 2009

Will or going to?


1) Can I borrow your car? _________ by 10 o'clock, I promise.


2) Can I help you, sir? -- Yes, _________ a coffee and a tuna sandwich.


3) Do you know about Claire? _________ a baby!


4) "I'm really tired." -- "_________ you home if you want."


5) He's got a new job in Boston, so _________ there.


6) What are you doing tomorrow? -- I don't know. I think _________ my parents.


7) Ugh, that food was terrible! I think _________ sick!


8) _________ new strings for my guitar when you are in town? Thanks.


9) Don't go out now. _________ a thunderstorm. I've just heard it on the radio.


10) I don't think that _________ on Mars.